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Can we DV the OC yet?

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I got a certified letter today for a bill of a whopping 120 bucks. Medical collection. It was formerly sent to a CA, but I DV'd them and they sent it back to the OC. (I got no responce from them)

They sent it certified for some weird reason. Its the same letter they sent me three times now. No lawsuit threats, same generic letter they have sent.

Can I DV them, the OC? Also, anyone have the link to what law states we can DV the OC and what violations would be? Is it the FACTA?

if I DV the OC, do they have to respond?

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It's not so much "DV'ing" the OC somuch as it is your right to know what it is they claim you owe them. Ask the OC to produce an itemized bill so you can "work with them and your insurance company" to resolve the matter.

Try using a variation of the letter I came up with when dealing with med collections:


To Whom It May Concern:

It has come to my attention that there is an outstanding balance of $xxx.xx owed you for services provided on xx-xx-xxxx. It was my belief that my insurance provider covered this charge. Given the confusing nature of medical billing, oversights and miscalculations are inherent. For those of us who are not accustomed to such procedures on a daily basis, I am sure you can appreciate the incomprehension that is often involved in these matters.

I will be requesting a description of coverage from my insurance provider in this matter, and would appreciate any information you show to be forwarded to me. Should it be discovered that this is not a covered service, I request that you forward to me an agreement that any outsourced collection activity will be recalled. I will immediately forward to you payment in full in the timeframe you request.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. I appreciate your timely response.


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