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Changed my mailing address for checking accounts with Bank??


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Ok, this is crazy. Someone called in to my bank's 800 # and did a change of address. By coincidence my check card had been cancelled because of two duplicate transactions being posted and disputed, however, the bank didn't tell me it was going to be cancelled. When I called to find out why my card wasn't working the customer service rep asked me if I had recently done a change of address. Nooooo!!!! I am in Miami, someone changed my address to Oregon!!!! Ok, address supposed to be changed back to the correct one, went into the branch and cancelled my atm/check cards and new ones issued.

Today my mom's monthly statement comes, but mine don't. I went online and checked my account information. It had been updated to the Oregon address!!! WTF??? So I change the account information AGAIN back to the correct address and call the 800 number again. Apparently somehow the 'dispute' of the change of address can take up to 30 days. What??? So now I think my monthly statements have been mailed to this Oregon address. Great!!!! I pay alot of my bills online and use my check card for everything. They told me to close out the accounts and have new ones opened. I have three accounts with the bank, two personal, and one business. I really don't want to have to close them, but at the same time I don't know what else to do?? I don't want my accounts to be emptied out. Has anyone ever heard of something like this?? Is the bank going to pull my credit or anything like that for opening the new accounts??? My credit is horrific at this point and I am trying to avoid anything creating activity on my credit file. Any input or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

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