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DV sent out BUT NO RESPONSE :::whats next:::???

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I sent DV letters to 2 diffrent CA's ea. Got my 2 green cards back. But!!! one green card had the date stamped on it showing when a CA person signed it...(which is great) . BUT the other card has a signature with no stamped or writen date on it what so ever. :evil: Is that a problem and should I redo the DV certified letter again?(NOTE: THIS NONDATED GREEN CARD IS FROM A CC I HAD WITH "CROSS COUNTY BANK")

Anyways..I did not get a response from either CA's ..So I take it this is a violation. Please Please Please anyone Doc Don who ever..tell me what is the next step!!!! xheadscratchx

Thanks guys your the best 8)

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If you sent them certified, you can do a track and confirm at www.usps.com and the Post Office will tell you when they got it.

If you DV, the CA cannot assume the debt is valid. They can choose not to validate, i.e., do nothing, but if they select that tact they cannot continue to collect the debt, which includes reporting it to a CRA. So, if it shows up on your CR and you don't hear anyting after 35 days from the receipt date, dispute with the CRA that they are reporting unverifiable, inaccurate informtation.

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