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Step by Step...tell me how to sue Asset

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Hi all. Been repairing the credit for some time now. I am down to 2 baddies left...both Asset. Both should roll off in the spring from age alone...if Assett doesn't re-age them. But, I want them off right now. :twisted: Here's the scoop. Debts were out of the SOL in 2001. Have tried VOD, writing to AG, every dispute in the book, etc, etc, etc. I sent C&D letter back in March (cmrrr). Since then, Asset has sent me 4 collection letters. :evil: There are numerous other violations relating to the validation, but I think I want to stick with the easy violations...the failure to heed the C&D. My goal is to get them off the report. This will be my first suit. I dont even know where to start. Which court? What to do?? Thanks in advance.

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