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what the F*&K TU

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K, have a signed letter from the manager of Debt Recovery Solutions that says they will have the cra's delete a listing on my reports, and have come off EQ and EX, (after i disputed them) but TU says they verified so i send them the letter and mine saying not to investigate but to DELETE as the letter states :-)= .....so what do i get, their letter saying they cannot accept my letter...well what the hell do they want me to send...one signed in friggin blood :evil: so they can dna match the manager .....if all else fails i am just waiting till CHOD and sending again..plus calling debt recovery and seeing WHY they haven had it deleted yet.......a**holes :thefinger: .................

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Part of the issue may be on how you write the letter to TU.

I have forwarded documentation that came directly from the source to each CRA and I rarely experienced a problem. However, I wrote a cordial but straightforward letter explain why the trade line ought to be removed.

I have even had TU delete inquiries.

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this is the letter that tansunion received.....feel free to tell me if i wrote it the wrong way or mis-worded something or anything, i am fairly new to the whole credit repair, but have actually enjoyed pretty good success, this is the ONLY baddie left on TU and can't get the &*^&^%^%$)((& off that report, but i have a feeling sooner or later it will go bye bye....any heres that letter......

October 12, 2004, 2004

My Name

My Addy...



TransUnion File Number:

TransUnion Consumer Relations

P.O. Box 6790

Fullerton, Ca. 92834

RE: Debt Recovery Solutions 11 Sprint Ltd 1007175*******

To whom it concerns:

Please accept this copy of the correspondence I received in regards to the above noted account in which it is stated that it should be deleted from my credit file, as this account was and is closed in this office due to me proving it was fraudulent.

I have contacted you previously about this account and you said that you were unable to accept the documentation I provided which I received from debt recovery solutions, what then do you propose is send you, this is the letter from the manager of the company, Mr. Frederic Unfassing, that bears his signature that is proof that this account is to be deleted from my file, I have even enclosed a copy of the envelope it was mailed in bearing the postmarks of the USPS.

By law you are required to delete any information that is not accurate and this is clearly a case where the information that is being reported is not accurate, therefore I see no acceptable response from you other than deletion of this account from my credit file.

I am not asking for an investigation, as I have already spoken with this company and provided proof that this account is not mine and therefore needs to be deleted immediately, as stated in their letter.

I am also requesting at this time that you also send me an updated copy of my credit file via USPS mail to the address that is listed at the opening of this letter.


chesire, the rabbit, mr. hatter, and the rest of the tea party...... :coffeecup:

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