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Do you think this would be possible?

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DH is getting a new job and we have to get a new car. He has a company vehicle now and of course has to turn that in when he quits. The new postition is a sales position and he would have to use a personal car for work, so it has to be pretty decent. This company pays $400 a month for a car and 25 cents a mile, so a payment would be no problem.

Here is the thing though. We filed BK 13 in 1999, our last payment is Nov 20 (WOOHOO). But, we need to get a car ASAP. The only car we have now is pretty much junk (but it's paid for and pretty reliable) I need to take kids to school and to drive to my job once a week, etc...and it really is in bad shape and I don't think the company would approve of it LOL!

Do you think it is going to be possible to get a car financed? I'm working on our reports now but I'm not going to have time to get everything cleared up. His scores are high 500s mine are mid 500s-low 600s. I have gotten 3 unsecured credit cards and I just applied for one in his name. (For some reason I was getting offers and he wasn't )

Has anyone had any luck getting financed?

Oh, another thing. We had 2 payments that was in arrears on our mortgage put on our bankruptcy that the bank says we still owe, so we have all those lates on our CRs, we are fighting that now. We told them we would pay back in payments for 6 months but our lawyer is trying to find out if they are double charging us (they are)

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