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NCO-Bank of America-Fleet


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I just received a collection notice from NCO on behalf of Bank of America.

Since I have never had an account with BOA this surprised me. It seems

that since BOA bought/merged with Fleet that BOA has given NCO some

collection business.

Back in 1999 I some issues with Fleet about this debt. I can't even

remember what it was for. Maybe a Line of credit. It is for $103.00.

This became an issue in 1999 when it showed up on my credit report

when trying to buy a house. I worked it all out with Fleet and got it

removed from my credit report and was able to buy the house.

Now out of the blue I get this collection notice for something that happened 5 years ago.

I had documentation for the fix but have since

moved to another house and don't know if I still have it or could find it.

I sent NCO a dispute letter and now I am trying to find out what else I should do. Any suggestions?


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I was in Massachusetts(Go Red Sox!) I moved to Virginia in 98.

Before it was Fleet it was Bay Bank. I know it's only $100.00 but still

this really pissed me off. This whole thing was an error on Fleet's part.

Delayed us getting a mortgage down here. After many,

many phone calls and letters we got it straightened out. Now it

resurfaces. I hope it will go away with the Dispute DV letter I sent

but wondered if there was anything else I should do.

Thanks to everyone here for all the great advice!

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