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[b]SOL in california is up on this debt what can I do?[/b]

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This is a continuation of an ariginal post entitled: received notice of award of arbitration but sounds shady

Okay, We did some research and the last time we paid on an account that NCO financial company is trying to collect on has a last payment date of june of 2000 We lived in California both at the time the contract was signed and it is where we currently live now. My question is how do I go about proving that we lived in california at the time the contract was signed if I know longer have the original contract? We do have all of my hubbys military orders which state dates. Can they be used as proof. They also said he signed for a document at an old Georgia address one day after my husband started non military work back in CA. Can his pay stubs w/ address be used as proof he did not sign for the document? We contacted NCO today to try to reach an agreement and they said it was about to get turned over to the lawyers unless we could come up w/ 3800 of the 4800 owed by the end of the month. Ha Ha. 5 days. Anyway on a lighter note they actually agreed that we were probably right about the statute of limitation being up in CA but that she would have to do some research to make sure that the contract was not signed in GA which we know without a doubt that it wasn't. My question is are there any sample forms anyone can provide us with letting them know they cannot sue us because of the SOL and getting them off our back to make sure a judgement is not filed against us. PLEASE HELP. We are planning on paying back the original 1500.00 debt when we get our income tax this year just to get it off our credit so we can start looking for a house but we want to make sure we do not get sued in the meantime. Thanks

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