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Help! Need miracle Mortgage in Illinois.


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My FICO scores are 594 EXP, 629 EQU, 653 TU.

I have two open lines of credit. Two months old a piece. Third line hasn't shown up on credit yet. Absolutely zero debt. No BK.

I'm worried about the lack of time for the open lines of credit.

I have about 4 school loans all paid off on my report and 3 collection paid from 99' and 00'.

I want 100%. And I will not mind a higher interest rate. I can refinance in future.

If you know of any MB that could help me please let me know.

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If the price range you are looking to purchase is about $160,000 or lower, you should seriously look into an FHA lender. If you are near Chicago area the housing can be more expensive, but the FHA limits adjust somewhat higher as well.

The student loans will still count as credit depth as long as they are out of deferment and have been paid on. Since yours are now paid off, they should count for you.

FHA will also accept alternative tradelines such as utility payments, cell phone payments, auto insurance paymentss,....pretty much anything that you make a regular payment on.

As long as you have no unpaid collections, judgments or other negatives, you should be fine.

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