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OK, moving forward with ITS. Question though...


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I have sent a couple of letters including an ITS to Experian with a time frame on them. My personal preference is to give them at least 15 days to respond. I guess the way I think is this, if I have to go to court on anything and the time frame that I gave ever became an issue. I can tell them that the FCRA gives a 15 day time frame on certain issues also, so me giving 15 days to the cra to respond should not be an issue. I don't know though, like I said it is my preference. Also like the other member said, if you threaten to sue then you need to be ready to go all the way. CRA's get threatened with ITS letters every day and rarely respond to them. An ITS is just a formalitly, it makes you look better in court when you can shpw that you tried to give them a chance to work it out. i have heard that some states do require an ITS before you can sue, I know they do not in Utah because I just filed a small claims on Experian.

Good Luck with it.....................

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