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Sherman Aquisition a.k.a. Resurgent Capital Services


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We filed chapter 13 in april of 2000 and couldn't follow through with the payments and it was dismissed in september 2001. Resurgent was on there and was paid 300.00 of secured debt with interest. okay, there was a balance of 2,239.20 of unsecured for them also that was 70% forgiven which left a balance of 670.80 that was not paid. I got a letter last week from Sherman saying that they would "settle" for 613.00. I called and told them that i didn't have that much i could send all at once. They said i had to have it by the end of the month or it would be handed over to the attorney to seek judgement for the full amount of 2,239.20. Can they do this since it was included in our chapter 13??? I filed disputes with all 3 agencies and this one remained...what do i need to do??? Any information or help would be much appreciated.

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