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EQ opens 3 closed accounts?


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I had filed bankruptcy on the 22nd of Oct. On the 25th I noticed it showed up on my EQ credit report. My score(578) took a 1 point hit to 577. The next day I checked my CR and it was down another point(576). I wondered what had changed. I looked over my report to find that EQ was reporting 11 of the 15 accounts as open the day before and now 14 were showing as open. I am not sure what, where, how??

Plus, what really was strange is when I checked the "what if sim" at MCK.

On the 22 - 25 it had no account for me to pick from. Now after the accounts were open I can pick any of the three they opened to do a sim if I would like.. how nice..

Is this legal activity?

I have not had any inquiries since 2003 and only one then and two in 2002.

I have the 120 days late comment on most of them also, hehe.

EX reported the Bk on the 27th and my score went from 598 to 602. 5 closed charge off accounts and 1 closed CA..

TU is holding 10 of em and reporting 4 of them as open. No Bk yet. 573 on TU

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Yeah, I am seeing all kinds of strange activity...

Sears now says they are paid as agreed on all three...was charge off..

Should I dispute with the CRA now or should I wait till after the discharge?

I mean, would it hurt to dispute a few TL's as "not mine" and see?

Would sending DV letters to CA's be the thing to do now? I am waiting for the 341 meeting and it would be nice to have a couple of the few I have removed if possible...

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