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Should I dispute this TL?


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This auto loan was paid off Sept 1999. I was one payment behind from March 98 until it was paid off. I was unemployed and just didn't have the extra $340 to bring it current. I don't really know how this acct is affecting my score, if at all. If it were accurate it would read 'CLOSED' with a '0' balance and not more than 30 days late. What happens if I just leave it alone? Will it sit there as an open acct forever making it look like I've been paying the same car loan since 1995?

Account Number: 3664XXXX

Acct Type: Installment

Acct Status: Open

Monthly Payment: $342

Date Open: Nov, 1995

Balance: $1,979

Terms: N/A

High Balance: $8,994

Limit: N/A

Past Due: $325

Remarks: AUTO

Payment Status: Not more than two payments past due

Account Two Year History

Year: Year 2

1998 >

Month: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Equifax:OK OK 30 30 30 30 OK 30 30 30

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If you look at the TL on your CR does it say "TERM"?

Usually a "INSTALLMENT" TL has a set of terms (length ) to show it is closed regardless of notations! :lol:

As far as score goes I think this shouldn't be a score thing but a problem getting other revolving/inst credit if they look for prior issues with timely payments from an analysts point of view.

I.E... My scores are OK and I've been good since 1999 but I have a baddie on one of my CR that's a C/O and CHASE saw that and said I can't do business with them with any negatives or C/O's. Typically I would've been approved if they looked at scores alone. :cry: Got it? :wink:


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No, under terms it just has N/A. It used to say 48. I have no clue why they stopped reporting it a year before it was paid off. I just ordered a paper copy of my EQ. I'll see if it's listed under derogs. I do remember that at one point it turned positive on EX, so of course it fell right off. TU supressed it because Chrysler Credit stopped updating.

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That late payment was a long time ago. 99 and 98 may not be ancient history but it is a long time ago and has little impact since you had so few late payments.

In my personal opinion, I would mess with it because getting it accidentally deleted will be a big pain in the [EXPLETIVE DELETED] to try to get it re-inserted.

Between 99 and today, have you exhibited responsible credit behavior???

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