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My debit card was either lost or stolen. In June 2004, I went online and noticed major money missing from my account. I have no idea who or why and no, I did not share my pin # with anyone, nor have I EVER written it down. Someone had a field day and took thousands from me. When I realized this, I immediately cancelled the card. Since my credit union was closed for the day, I went into the credit union the very next morning, received a print-out of all activity for the month of June and was told that I needed to (1) file a police report; (2) and circle all items on the print-out that were mine and send this information, along with a notorized letter to the main branch in Nanuet, NY. It took this CU almost two months to get me a new debit card. While awaiting word from the credit union, I was contacted to bring in the "new" debit card and get a regular ATM Card. :evil:

The Credit Union Rep said that the reason why they were trading my cards, is because they didn't want to credit my account and have the same thing happen all over again. Well, here it is, basically, November 1st. I have filed a complaint with the National Credit Union Administration and still I have not heard anything from the Credit Union or NCUA. The CEO of the Credit Union will not answer any of my calls and I believe that his colleagues lie and say that he is not there when he probably is. In other words, no one wants to speak with me regarding my account or my insured funds.

I know that all accounts in this particular "Federal" Credit Union are insured and I have educated myself on the EFT laws, but I am at a dead end. I want my money back so that I can close this account and bid farewell to this credit union. My first contact at the Credit Union kept saying that she doesn't know "if" I'll get my money back, but if all funds are insured, then WTH is she talking about?

If anyone can help with me with this or offer any advice, please let me know.

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