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When to be worried?


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Hi all!

I was just wondering, when looking for a new job and they check your credit, at what point (score-wise) do you need to be worried that you would be turned down based on credit? I have no lates and no collections or anything like that, but my scores are not awesome (Mid 600s) due to usage vs. open. Should I be worried when applying for a new job?


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Guest jeeptravel

Did they ask you to sign a credit check auth?

Most likely new employee screenings are criminal background checks based on the last 2 years. They pose as credit checks, but they are really not so much.

I'm not an expert on this process, but I would say 2 things:

#1 Mid 600's is a fair/good score

#2 The only concern an employer should have is whether your whole paycheck will be spent on credit bills. (But as I said before, I don't think they really are concerned about your credit as much as your criminal history)

No worries, good luck with the job.


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They also looking at your negative credit items, not necessarily your credit score.

A lot of people are obsessed with a credit score but employers want to know how severe your negative credit items are.

Like, do you have lots of unpaid charge offs, unpaid judgments, unpaid tax liens, etc.

It also plays a role if they are going to give you a company credit card.

I got slapped with severe restrictions on my company credit card because my credit report started showing high debts and lots of new account activity.

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Thanks for the help.

I haven't applied yet, but I've been told to expect a credit check by friends working there. I'm pretty sure they will run an actual credit check (and criminal too) because the job involves worrking with cash as well as items easily turned into cash. Hopefully the fact that I have no collections or anything like that will be good enough. Am planning on applying in Jan. so that should give me some time to get things even better.

Thanks a bunch!

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