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Please post your last year's CHOD results

Josh Mcgrath

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I Love CHOD....Can't wait for it to come again...... :D Last year:

Me: 7 Deleted, 3 accounts that were in my BK7 were changed to Paid As Agreed with a 0 balance....LOL

DH: 5 Deleted, 2 changed to a 0 balance...

1st Place: TU....... 8-)

2nd Place: EQ...... :D

3rd Place: EX...... :evil:

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No success here either... I disputed one item, the only one remaining negative in my CR. Experian gave me their "already investigated" form letter, Equifax did investigate but verified :( . The item was still within SOL (I think), so I just let it go and will try again sometime early next year...

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I did not dispute any lates........

I was very brief in my disputes....

I have found some things on my CR that are incorrect..

Not my employer-Trump Towers-Please remove..

Not my address-123 any town-Please remove..

Arrow-did not authorize-Please remove..

Cap one # 12345 Should be a 0 balance- Please update(didn't tell them why BK7)..They changed to Paid as Agreed....LOL

BofA # 987456-not mine- please remove..

Thank you and Kiss my a**....Just kidding....Hope this helps you...

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Ditto with mason....last year I did my first dispute around CHOD time. Though, not knowing what I was doing, I only disputed EQ at first. I ended up getting 100% of what I disputed deleted....which was 3 unpaid judgments, a couple collections and a few charge offs. It was a good CHOD.

Here's to everyone's 2004 choddage. :wink:

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