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I am hoping someone can help me.....

Back in 02' I had a bank account with Fleet. As I was closing the account on, a fee of $4.83 was tacked on for something. I filled out the paperwork in the morning and the statement shows the fee tacked on and acct closed. I never heard a thing from them, but later saw it online. But, I thought oh $5 big deal. Well, they then reported it to ChexSystems for NSF.. get this not $4.83 but $483. I realized there was an entry with CS about a year later. So, I called Fleet wanting to work this out. They have no info on my acct. I get nowhere by calling them. Now, I am writing a ltr to CS. Can I send Fleet a DV?? If CS fails to remove this, can I use the same tatics as with the CRA's? Would it be easier & faster to write CS and just say this isn't my acct? This was really not worth the $5 bucks....

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