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My only complaint with capital one

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Many people ask me why i carry a cap1 card(platinum and classic) after hearing about so many complaints. Well, my only complaint with capital one is the way that they report to the cra and i almost cancelled because of it. Other than that they have been the best to deal with. I did have to build up to a decent credit limit but it didnt take too long with the platinum card.Just got a letter in the mail today saying that the limit has increased to 6000.I'm shooting for 10,000. They lowered my interest rate(had to ask a few times) earlier this year to 8.9 and it has stayed the same.My cap1platinum card has a lower interest rate than my parents credit union card. I'm hoping to get more credit from them next year but we shall see,since card issuers can screw you at any time.

I also see alot of complaints about them taking a long time to post payments, but i havent had any major problems as of yet. It did seem that one payment took too long but they waived the late fee after i complained.

So far so good, hope it stays that way.

The household card that i have has been good so far also, but is very new.

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