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well,well, well...Me walks out to the mail holding thingy this afternoon and what lies in store for me....ahh...a TU report......so i go in the house and rip the envelope to shreds and read the report and there it is......DELETED...... :D ....the last baddie standing, gone, kaput, see-ya.....well guys and girls, thanks to everyone on this board for all the help, cause now i can say i have good credit....seriously i just want to thank everyone who posts, whether answers, tips, or questions, cause everyone here has helped me do this......TU is finally clean, now just got to watch it and make sure no one try's to add any baddies......if your curious i found this board almost exactly a year ago, i mailed my very first round of disputes in december of '03 and the reports were like this..

12/03 TU- 16 baddies 465 fako, 11/04 0 baddies 725 fako...

12/03 EQ- 14 baddies 420 fako, 11/04 2 baddies 689 fako...

12/03 EX- 21 :shock: Baddies 403 fako, 11/04 1 baddie 693 fako......

thank you, thank you, thank you, all for the help, just thought you might like to see how it's gone for me in 1 years time.......i'm so friggin giddy right now.... :party:

oh, and to all the CA's who ever hassled me.... :moon::thefinger:

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Yeah, you can't beat the good feelings you get when you finally see all the bad stuff on your credit reports GONE by your own efforts! Congrats to you,


but I still got ya beat on score improvement! Mine went from 0 across the board to around a steady 640 in just over 9 months! 8-)

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