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I have seen a few posts concerning this bureau. Some people say that they are incompetent, some say that they are lazy, some say that they are doing full investigations, which probably explains why I get so many deletions from them because it takes so long when investigation are done properly. I believe all of these opinions. Out of the 3 bureaus, they are the easiest to get results from. My best dispute is 7 of 10 deletions. The dispute was founded because alot of those entries were not being reported correctly, even though they were mine. The funny thing is that I disputed the same entries with EXP and NONE of them were delted! I can not stand that bureau!!!! :evil: Also, I have read about the pros and cons of disputing online. That's what I have done with exceptional results. As a matter of fact, recently CSC did not respond to a request for investigation. I sent them a "intent to sue" letter, a copy of the original print out from the dispute online and demanded that they remove and/or update the entries that I disputed. Five days later, I received in the mail, my updated report with those entries deleted. I was thrilled, to say the least!!! :D

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Yep - I've had the same success with CSC! I only have one baddie left on there now, which is an unpaid CO from Cap1. However, upon my last dispute, CSC took the balance off and my score went up like 20 points. :shock: There's no way Cap1 took that balance off themselves because it really IS unpaid.

Maybe one more dispute and it'll disappear. :lol:

It does say "charge off" but it also says "never late". :shock: I betcha I can use that somehow.....hmmmm.

Congrats on the good luck with them. Keep catching them do things wrong (which isn't hard) and you'll eventually get everything deleted. :wink::wink:

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CSC has been the best to me. It usually removed the entries first and then the other CRAs took more time.

However, my personal opinion is that it is hard to judge all three of them.

If someone sends in a vague ambiguous letter, then it is no surprise that it gets shot down. Subsequently, if no supporting documentation is added for additional disputes, then again, it is no surprise that it gets shot down again.

In addition, the creativity and imagination is infinite, so what does not work in one way may need some tweaking for another try. There are so many different angles and approaches to use in asking the same question. And that leads up to another big factor which is persistence. It takes a bit of discipline to be willing to nag the same issue month after month. Oftentimes, the results are not instantaneous.

And finally, you cannot overlook luck.

Sometimes you get lucky.

One time with CSC, I had tried everything to get student loan collection account removed. Nothing worked. I had mailed out this one dispute to CSC but completely forgot to update a few changes that I had previously used on them. It had wrong dates, etc. And then CSC deleted that trade line.

If I would have known a screw up would have zapped a negative item, I would have tried that a long time ago.

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Wolf, do you believe that Experian actually does no real investigation? If so, then why would they set themselves up for a potential lawsuit? For example, I disputed a "paid judgment" with 3 bureaus. Experian was the only one that didn't delete it. Methuss said that they probably verified it through Lexis/Nexis. They are not the courthouse where the judgment was filed. Isn't that illegal?

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It depends on what your definition of “is” is.

Your definition of “investigation” is totally different than how the CRAs define “investigation”. Although you can insist that EX did not investigate based on your definition, EX feels that they did a fine job.

Generally, a lot of people have two viewpoints of what a CRA is:

1. A CRA is supposed to improve humanity and better society.


2. A CRA is the source of all evil in which all evil emanates from.

Both of those viewpoints are false although lots of people subscribed to them.

A CRA is a for-profit corporation in which they are in the business to make money. They make money by selling “your” credit reports to people who are willing to pay cold hard cash for them.

A CRA does not make money by ensuring that “your” credit report is accurate. That process is a cost and it is not a source of revenue.

Since an accurate credit report is a “cost”, the CRAs devise methodologies that ensure the cheapest and most efficient way to minimize that cost.

That is not any different than what you and I do when we are shopping at the supermarket or in the mall. Like, we want the lowest price for something that still gives us what we want. So, this methodology is not anything strange or that requires the CEOs of the CRAs to drink blood from a goat’s head around a hundred candles.

As a result, the CRAs take the easiest and most cost-effective path possible to claim that they did indeed verify a dispute.

And often times, it boils down to the CRA asking a creditor to verify that what is on the creditor’s computer matches what is on the CRA computer.

And guess what?

They match!

Well, especially since it was the creditor that put it on the CRAs computer in the first place. So, that is the CRAs definition of investigation.

So part of credit repair is to muddy that verification process. Make it murky and convoluted so that it is no longer a snap for a CRA to simply match what is on their computer to what is on the creditor’s computer (or in a third-party’s computer system as in the case of public records).

That includes challenging dates, amounts, and any other data by using a vast number of creative and imaginative means. Catching them in their own violations or forcing them to make a violation (like in CHOD).

And often times, we can make the CRA will yield to their own methodology and delete a credit item because eventually, that too becomes the most cost effective means of investigating a credit item.

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