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Please help me.....Thx


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Ok i need some serious help...ive been reading this site wow alot to take in....first of all can i get my reports and scroes for free delivered via e mail or a low price.....

I know one time i thouht i did this for free and it worked....

i was denied credit from WELLS FARGO yesterday and want to see my report and find out what is going on



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If you were denied credit then you can get a copy of all three of your credit files for free and very easy. I prefer to have a hard copy mailed to me so what you need to do is this. Make a photo copy of your license and mail it in with a letter telling each CRA that you were denied credit. You should get your reports in about three weeks or so. Once you do that you can start to put together your plan of action and begin the dispute process.

Good luck...............................

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Guest jeeptravel

Big 3 Ph#'s for

requesting a free

report after denial~




Also, I read on Experian's site in the FCRA laws that starting Dec 1st, everyone is entitled to 1 free report, regardless of denied inquiries or not! So keep that in mind if you are planning a major purchase around that time


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Well's Fargo should be sending you a letter advising you of your right to obtain a free copy. It will also include verbiage that the credit was denied due to information supplied by ...blah...blah. This way, if you are denied a free copy until proof of denial is received, wait for the letter, then make copies and send to the CRA's. It is usually a 14 day turnaround from the CRA if done this way.

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I have always gotten ALL three of my credit reports for free.

Get on the horn and call their 1-800 automated service.

When they ask if you have experienced adverse action, just say "yes" and then input your information.

The worst thing that can happen to you is for a computer to say NO to you. In my years of a single guy, I have gotten told NO lots of times by women so getting a NO from a computer will not emotionally devastate me.

Your credit changes almost daily so about any change can be considered adverse action. I have continually called up the 1-800 numbers and almost always gotten free credit reports.

The only times I have not gotten them is because they just mailed me one or an investigation is still in progress...

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