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I need advice....

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OK, here's my dilema.....I owed around 33K to CC. I've settled on 3 of them, those were the small ones. I still have 3 of the big CC's: Citibank(15K), MBNA (7K)and Bank of America(5K) that I haven't done anything with. The montly payments became too much for me to pay, so I went with a debt elimination program. That did not work, I ended up right back where I started from, outrageous monthly payments. So then I considered BK.....but I am so scared of going that route. Well, back in June I was served with papers from Citibank saying that I was being sued by them.....I responded back saying that I had retained a lawyer, but did not state my reasons for retaining them. I also received papers from the National Arbitration Forum, and responded with the same: I have retained a lawyer...but apparenlyt the letter did not get to them in time, so they awarded the Claimant a total of $9K (this was to MBNA). So my dilema is this.....I want to settle with Citibank, Bank of America and MBNA, can I still do that with a suit and award against me? If not then I guess I will have to file...... :cry:

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