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UGH :cry: That was the worst, I just got my scores, I had no idea they sucked so bad. And I have been working so hard on them. Well, I guess I will just bite the bullet and file CH.7 --- I don't see how the could go down and worse that's for sure....

Thanks everybody for all your help, even though I wanna cry right now. I used to have purrrfect credit. but job paycutt (loss of over 90k a year) forced me here. And it REALLY sucks to be here.

So for the record:





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Same thing happened to DF a little over a year ago. She filed BK7 the same month to save her a$$.

She is still with the same company and has jumped up to upper management from lower..... She should close on her home next week sometime.

She was devastated when she filed but the alternative was going to be hell. She felt so relieved after it was over and it took me about 6 months to get her credit fixed to a point where she could get a mortgage at decent rates.

Trust me, it ain't so bad.

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