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Fluke or Just that good?


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Something quite promising happened with a CC TL that I had on my CR. I had this secured CC and had let it default and subsequently was CO. This was 6 years ago mind you. A little over a week ago I decide to call these people just to see what kind of response I would get. Typical, do they even have my account any more type of call. The lady is real nice; you know all the good how do you do’s n stuff. So anyhow, I tell her about the card and how old the account was and the fact that it was secured and when I defaulted they actually had not lost anything because of the secured cash in the bank. I was expecting some sort of negotiation. The late fees and interest were sitting at about 550. I started to ask how much she would take and she said “I’m going to mark this as paid”, “how does that sound?”. I was shocked to say the least but as I have read here do not believe anything these people say on the phone. She said it would take about 5 days to reflect. I praised her of course, said my thanks and moved on. I wait 5 days and nothing, no change at all. Started to wonder if the sweet little CC chick had played me like a fiddle. Today comes around and I check my report through out the day. About the 4th time I check it I see a change. Looks like she reported it as paid, was charge off. Put the terms at 10 months, removed the balance and no lates are showing. Wish I could see the DOLA on pg. Not the best looking TL but better than what it was that for sure.

This is only showing up an EX as of today. I hope to see changes to all.

Now for a question: I have a CA that is trying to collect on this OC’s debt that is now mark paid. They are on my reports (all three). With the OC rippin the debt out from underneath the CA and marking it as paid. How can the CA verify their TL with the CRA? I thought that it would have been removed at the same time but I am not sure. Would this be a violation for the CA due to the OC marking the debt as paid? The CA just got screwed it looks like. This is what is says on the payment status of CA’s TL on my report “Seriously past due date / assigned to attorney, collection agency, or credit grantor's internal collection department”. Damn CA. I have a split file due to these guys huge payment status!! Not really but damn, some one is serious about their past SOL debt collection practices. I guess when they find out it has been paid they will remove it. All I have is a verbal agreement and the fact that it has changed on my CR. Would a CA try to verify a paid account with the OC? I guess due to a contract that they would have the CA. The CA would get paid regardless of whom the consumer paid. Read that on an OC/CA agreement. Not sure if it’s true or not.

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