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documentation for TU?

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well, since TU threw me into the frivolous club on only my 3rd dispute!!

what should i send them? they state in their nice little letter that they require 'court papers or a statement from OC showing what change is required' now if i had THAT i would have sent it!

i DO have the 5 letters i sent the CA, two letters from CA with 'validation' that shows i DONT owe what they are reporting, plus all the greencards.. do i send it all? do i just try for a CHOD simple dispute?

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That will work just fine.

Oftentimes, a creditor or a CA will send garbage and you ought to use that garbage to your full advantage.

In your letter, explain that the creditor or CA doesn’t know it is doing and what the hell is going on with this purported claim and here is your proof.

And a big stack of green cards will also boost your case.

If I have a big stack of green cards, I also explain in my letter that this outfit refuses to adhere to federal law and give me the valid information that I am requesting.

There are plenty of creative ways to write that up but the bottom line is to show that this outfit has its head up its [EXPLETIVE DELETED].

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