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Memorandum of cost after judgement

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Need Answer, 2 years ago credit card agencies sold my dept which ended up in a judgement against me ( 10,000) large. This was recently paid off VIA garnishments about 2 months ago.Now I am receiving memorandum of costs after judgement for accrued interest ( 2,400) large.My question??? What do I need to do to finally get these SOB's of me.Paper sent to me states something about court may disallow these fees if a motion to tax is filed, (GREEK TO ME). Any and all please respond

Thanks, mike

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Every state has different laws and different procedural rules that its courts follow. Without knowing what state you are in, we can't give you the help you seek. I suggest putting the information in your profile so that it follows you around the site.

Generally, when someone files a memo of costs, the other party may ask the court to deny the request altogether or award a lesser amount than is requested. In some states, the way you would do this is to file a motion to "tax" costs. There is usually a very short time frame to file such a motion.

There are also many different grounds you could assert to ask the court to tax costs. For example, is the request for interest tiomely? Is the amount of interest properly calculated? Was there an agreement that would preclude the judgment crediotor from claiming further amounts as interest? You will need to do a bit of research on your state's laws to see if these, or any other grounds, apply.

Good luck.

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