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Inquiry by Collection Company on Transunion

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This is quite long but I have to tell you the story...

I pulled all 3 reports yesterday and noticed that I had an inquiry by a collection company that was posted on Oct 23rd. I called Transunion regarding this unauthorized inquiry and they told me they don't help consumer to dispute/investigate inquiry and I have to call the collection agency myself and tell them to write in to remove or phone. Well, I tried that today, (collection agency)she hung up the phone on me when I told her that the 7 year statute of limitation is up.

This collection company had gave me HELL for the whole last year dealing with all 3 CBA. They bought an old debt (last date of activity was 11/97) from another collection company last July and decided to post all the 3 credit bureaus. What's worse, the new collection company said my date of delinquency was 09/98 so they are not going to remove the inquiry. I have all my credit reports from years even with the original creditor and all I could see was 11/97, no mentioned about delinquency till this new collection company(a big one and publicly listed) said so.

So, I had disputed since last October with all 3 CBA and the negative item was deleted though it took 4 months myself to get Equifax to look at the correct data instead of just looking at the data provided by the new collection company.

So now, after almost 1 year, the collection company decided to look at my Transunion credit report and had an inquiry. I want to know if that is a violation of FRCA? Do they have any right to do that? What about Transunion allowing the collection company to look into my credit report? How could I get it off?I have written a letter to Transunion and faxed in for reasons this happened.

I need some help, how could I get the inquiry removed? Any advice? Thank you.

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