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Screwed by Chase...

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I have never paid a dime to Chase ever since it got charged off and fell off of my credit report.

And I never gave them a second thought because I don't do any business with them.

Now here is the situation.

My circuit city credit card used to be owned by FNANB but now Bank One owns the card. No problem and I was told that I am getting a new card in the mail.

I did get the card to today but since Bank One is now owned Chase, it has a few notations of Chase on it.

I have a credit limit of $3500 on it and I only owe like $900 on the card.

My charge off was like $1500. This was like ten years ago and I know that the SOL is expired. And that charge off account must have been sold like ten times down the road. A collection account is still trying to collect on me even though it is ten years old.

Has anybody been in a similar situation?

I am just wondering if there is anything that Chase can do? Because of the SOL, there is nothing they can do but I wonder.

I know the Citibank and kissed and made up with me because I have a lot of accounts serviced by them (Diner's Club, Zales, etc...).

I just wonder if Chase will kiss and make up...

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I think it's doubtful that Chase will try to collect the past debt from you or somehow add the balance to the current one. If they try, you know they can't win anyway. My only concern is that there may be a small chance that they somehow find out that you had a CO with them previously, and may change your terms (i.e. increase your APR) based on past experience. But, I guess the worst that can happen is that you can reject the rate increase, payoff the balance at your current rate, then close the account. I doubt that this will actually happen, but I just thought you should be prepared...

Just MHO...

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