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Verizon Wireless sent to ER Solutions...anyone?


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Ok, I had an old thread about this Verizon bill.

Here is where I stand and need some advice.

This is a new arrival at the collection agency about 1 week in to ER Solutions.

I didn't DV, because I just DV'd them about 2 other accounts they have of mine. I worked so hard, have the scoring finally at about a 608, I can't afford to get knocked back down.

This account is not reporting to the bureaus yet.

I Called ER Solutions, they offered me a 75% settlement (original 645- will knock it down to $486, and won't report if done by the 23rd of this month.) (I truly can only do $400- should I push for this if this is my route I choose to take?)

I called back after that offer was made, my rep was gone, someone else spoke to me , went over the offer again, and then proceeded to tell me that ER Solutions doesn't report Verizon Wireless to the CRA............Is this true? Does anyone at all know this? As with Christmas coming I could really use not to pay the $400- right now, (I would be putting it on a credit card anyway).

If that is they don't report, I can let it ride a little bit, and get a better deal?

Please help! I can't chance this being reported, I know with alot of blood sweat and tears I can get it off, but, I can't bear to do that fight again with one more collections account.

Thank you

~Rain in Utah

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Firstly, don't use the phone anymore unless you record the call (check for legality on this in your State). Second, DV them. A cell bill over six hundred dollars sounds way too high. You need to make sure they aren't adding illegal charges and that Verizon hasn't added "pyramid" charges.* You also will want to see the date of the last payment made on the account to check if it is past the statute of limitations which would make it totally uncollectable anyways.

This will at least give you a 20-30 day reprieve because they are forbidden to continue collections of any kind without responding to the DV. At best they may abandon collections altogether and you won't have to futz with it any further.

*Pyramid charges are fees assessed for unpaid fees...and this practice is illegal.

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