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Don't Want to Go to Court...


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This has been posted at the other One person told me to post here.

I don't know if this is the right section to post this problem, if not, mods please move my post. I am new here.

My bf is from Washington State.

My fiancee have a large debt, and he is paying the Credit Solutions of America to work on his problems but it seems that they are not helping. Maybe cause my bf does not answer phone calls since the credit card companies have been calling him. He did not do anything about this problem, now he is really worried about this and so am I. I know it's too late to blame him of not doing anything, but he still have a few days to figure things out.

My fiancee is going to court on wednesday. He does not want to do that but he have to. I know that he does not have a lawyer cause he can't afford it.

My question is, what is going to happen in the court? They told him that they will garnish his wages. What he should do before going to court?

My bf want to withdraw from the service of CSA. What will happen if he gets out of CSA? What is the best credit soolution companies to switch to? Please help, so bad. Any advice will be so much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I found a web site last night about free lawyers.


My bf needs a lawyer really bad cause he does not know what to do, he is not ready in court. Is that above website any good?

I am new to this and I did not read about these problems until last night. I read about SOL. What about that? Can he show that is court to defend himself? I checked my BF’s bank account and checked when the last time he paid his citi bank credit card. It’s not been a year yet, he paid citi card last February 2, 2004 an amount of $230. How does SOL works? Sorry for those questions, I am so ignorant about these things.

My BF told me that he wanted to file a bankruptcy, I thought that was not a good idea. Until yesterday I wished that he had file a bankruptcy. He is paying all these money to CSA every month, first three months was $813, then after that he is paying $305 every month. He is paying cash all the time when he buys something.

Is there any way that he can file bankruptcy? Or is it too late? Or it would be bad for him?

I am here is Costa Rica, I am so far away from him. There is nothing I can do to help him to do these things. I am sorry with those questions. I really appreciate those kind replies. Thank you so much.

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Citibank is suing for money owed. If he did not answer the summons, he really has no defense other than not properly served. If he appears in court, they most likely will get a default judgement. That will allow them to garnish his wages <if allowed in his state>. The only way to stop it is to file BK. If he has a decent paying job, a Chap 13 might be worked out. If he has any real assets, a Chap 13 will help save them. If he only makes enough money to get by and has no real assets, a Chap 7 will wipe out the debt and all others. BK is NOT the end of the world, just the end of life as you were living it.

As far as SOL, the statute of limitations is a law which states that after a certain time of non payment, the debtor is no longer legally obligated to repay the debt. The SOL varies on what kind of account and what state you are in. The link is at the top. Most banks will sue you before the sol runs out in order to record a judgement.

In my opinion, he should stop paying Credit Solutions and save the money to pay for a good BK lawyer.

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Lets start at the beginning: CSA is a scam. There really are no "good" debt solution companies to switch to. Most just take your money, give you bad advice, and get you deeper in the hole with your creditors. The few that are legitimate only work if ALL of your creditor participate and if you read some of the other posts here, you'll find examples of what happens when they don't. Cancel CSA immediately...they're just taking your money and are NOT doing you any good. If they were, your BF wouldn't be getting calls from collection agencies.

Second, your BF must show up in court. The web site you mention does appear to offer free legal advice, but its unlikely that they'll be able to help by Wednesday. So, I'd suggest your BF's best bet is to go to court and (assuming the lawyer even shows up) ask the judge to delay issuing any ruling until he can get a lawyer.

Third, is it CitiBank or some Collection Agency (CA) that's summoned him to court? It does make a difference. CitiBank is the Original Creditor (OC) and can behave a little differently than a CA.

Fourth, your BF should go see a couple of different bankruptcy attornies. Find one that he trusts. Most will give free advice as to how best to handle the debt. If he does decide to file BK, then one of them will help.

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