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Does Household check credit for a Limit Increase

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Guest jeeptravel

Ask them if your credit history with them in their records is enough to justify a credit increase as you are trying to avoid a hard pull hit on your CR. If they say they must pull, ask if they wil remove it if you are denied.

If they say they can't, I would wait for an auto increase--- or just risk the inquiry if you really want the CLI


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OttoVRodriguez, Household's system in October changed. If you call in for a credit line increase, they will always ask for you consent to pull a credit line increase. The representatives honestly do not know if your specific account is going to have a credit bureau pulled or not. As a general rule of thumb, only the high end Household Brand credit cards have their credit bureau pulled for a credit line increase. So if you have an Orchard Bank credit card or a Household Bank credit card with an annual fee, most likely will not be pulled. If by chance it is pulled, Household will not remove the inquiry. When a credit line increase happens automatically, usually between 6 and 12 months their is no credit bureau pull and it is usually $100 hundred or $200.00 hundred dollars. One very important thing with Household is to use the credit card liberally and do not under any means let they credit card creep over it's credit line, even by finance charges and make as larger payments as you can. If you ask for a credit line increase, and the rep checks on it for you, their will be a fee if you accept it. The fee will now bill to the credit card so you do not have to pay for it up front. Household does do soft inquiries that you may not notice. Also, they get what is called Credit Updates, this is when Household reports to the bureaus new information, they get a reply back with how your credit has changed, this doesn't show up at all of the credit bureaus. Hope this helps, best of luck building your credit!~

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