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Capital One deleted my tradelines on Transunion.

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I have two Capital One accounts, one for eight years and the other for two years with paid off balances. My Capital One accounts show up on all my credit reports except Transunion. I have contacted Capital One since April 2004, and Transunion about this problem, but have gotten nowhere. Capital One has assured me numerous times that they have sent my tradelines to Transunion, and Transunion shows no Capital One tradelines. I called Capital One's 800 number, and all I got was some foreigner who has no idea what I am talking about. Does anyone have the number for Capital One's U.S. offices? Are there any legal avenues I can pursue? I just want my tradelines to show.

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You are screwed...

I am experiencing the exact same situation except with FOUR trade lines and one of them is my paid in full car loan in which I NEVER had a single late payment.

The position of Trans Union is that once a trade line is deleted, it can NEVER be re-inserted. They must mean positive trade lines because so many people get negative ones re-inserted in some fashion.

Banks and credit unions and Best Buy have tried their hardest but to no avail.

Here is the problem. Trans Union "gives" the impression that the trade line will be re-inserted so the creditors "think" that sending the updates or the monthly tapes will solve everything.

No way...

According to the management of TU that I spoke to, they said that even updates or montly tapes will not get that trade line back in.

I have had one bank manage to get a positive trade line re-inserted but that was because of real managers getting involved.

You need to go through a lot of bureacracy in a corporation to get results. I am going through the same thing with Best Buy. And I will go through the same thing with a credit union and a bank.

And I am saving the state attorney general as a last resort.

The local branch of the attorney general was very receptive of what I explained to them and told me that I definitely had Trans Union on some violations.

What I want to do now is make sure I have real authentic documentation of this. Make sure that the bank and credit union have done everything that they could and that I have the proof that they did.

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