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Equifax's Lies!

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I disputed several items on my Equifax report on 9/23/04(EQ rec'd dispute on 9-24-04). I didn't get my results until 10/29/04.Results were actually dated 10/26/04. So technically that is outside the 30 day time period. The problem is the results are bascially false.

EX1: I have a paid off mortgage account that showed a horrible payment history and an open status. I disputed as never late and paid in full. The results of my dispute state:"we have researched the credit account. acct. #*** The results are: This account is currently reporting paid as agreed, with no late payments. This creditor is currently reporting a zero balance for this account. If you have additional questions about this item please contact blah blah blah." However; on the actual report the status reads pays 31-60 days and there are 6 late payments of 30 days.

EX2: I disputed several inquiries on my report that I did not recognize. For these they made a general statement : " We have reviewed your concerns and our conclusions are: The additional disputed inquiries are not currently reporting on the Equifax credit file." However; I have not pulled a report since these results that do not show these inquiries.

Can I hold them to these result statements or can they just tell me whatever they think I want to hear and then report it any way they want?

I know there is a violation involved if they delete information and then reinsert it without notifying me. (which I have also had happen with equifax within the last couple of months)but, I didn't know about any kind of violation if the information was never deleted, they just basically lied to me in my dispute resutls!

Thanks for the help I have a couple of violations against them in other areas, and would really love to rack up all that I could in order to bargain or sue the ?*#@ out of them.

Thanks a lot!!

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