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Can you all please help me out ? LONG


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I appreciate your time. I'm hoping you can help me.

It's obvious to me that I need to file a small claims or civil complaint against Palisade Collections.

They magically appeared on my credit report in July and are claiming I owe them $346 for an AT&T Wireless account. I immediately sent a letter CMRRR requesting validation and disputed as "not mine" with the CRA's.

They never marked the account "in dispute" and never sent any validation. But of course they verified with the CRA's.

I then sent a second letter CMRRR basically stating "you chose to ignore my request" and to send validation. Still nothing was sent but I then received a letter from an OSI Collections stating that they "are in receipt of your letter addressed to Palisades Collection, we have no such account number on file and upon doing an alpha search, we find no account with your name".

I mailed a copy of that letter to all 3 CRA's. Transunion immediately deleted the account but Equifax and Experian said they "cannot use it since it is from OSI and not Palisades". I told them that "being that they mentioned Palisades in their letter, I would think it is the same company".

They still said no.

Equifax says they tried to call for verification and was told "Palisades sells some of their accounts to OSI but that is not the case with this one. The account is being handled by a company called Collins Financial, who collects for Palisades, and you may wish to contact them". So, surprisingly, the lady at Equifax called Collins Financial and she says that Collins verified the account.

So, I sent a letter to Collins CMRRR requesting validation. They obviously ignored it too because they haven't sent anything either.

It's confusing since they say Collins collects on behalf of Palisades, but neither will validate it and Collins is not listed on my credit reports---just Palisades.

Then, to top that off, I received a letter a few days ago from a company called TxCollect dba CTI trying to collect on that same account. Their letter says "our client Palisades".

Now this is 4 companies connected to this alleged account. But NONE of them will validate the debt.

So, I guess I must go ahead and file a civil complaint right ? But, is that what you would do ? If so, do I strictly name Palisades ? Or do I name all 4 companies in the complaint ?

BTW, they say this account is from 1999 and that 1999 is when it was sent to collections. However, the credit report doesn't list ANY part that has a 1999 date. Just 7/2004.

Can i get a little advice here ? A sample complaint would be great since I can't find a single example.

Thank you very much for the help.

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Palisades is the worst! I had to dispute MULTIPLE times - and even though they all came off the first time, they kept putting it back on. It was awful, but after about three rounds it disappeared forever. I really don't understand how they are able to keep going in this fashion. You are definitely not alone when it comes to a problem with them. Good luck to you!

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Interesting. I am in a similar situation with Palisades and OSI myself.


Interestingly enough, the TL on one of my reports disappeared this morning. I don't know if it will be replaced by another company or if it is off for good. Good luck to you - these people are driving me crazy!

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