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DV Situation...Need Advice

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I have a situation here where I sent out a DV letter to a CA after I had already talked to them on the phone. I did not agree to pay them, but did let them fax me their settlement offer. It was the next day that I found this website., and it was three or so days after that when I sent out the DV. A total of 5 days after I got their fax.

Anyway, today I got a letter from them saying that I agreed to pay XXX amount by 10/29/04 and now they expect full payment. This letter is dated November 03, a day after they received my 2nd DV notice. This is clearly an attempt to collect an unvalidated debt. I still haven't heard anything on the other DV I sent out to the same CA for a different account.

I'm kind of lost as to what to do next...any help at all is appreciated.

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Will this suffice?

To Whom It May Concern:

On October 29th and on November 2nd, your company received via certified return receipt mail, validation requests for debt that you claim I owe you. I have made it clear that I dispute your claims and seek proper validation, as is my right by law.

Instead of providing the validation that I requested, your company sent me another letter demanding payment, dated November 4th 2004. At this time, I demand that (Name of CA) CEASE and DESIST collection of this debt, or any other debt where proper validation has been requested until proper validation has been made. I further demand that (Name of CA) CEASE any communication with me unless you are providing me with the proper validation that I have requested. In refusing to validate this debt and insisting to harass me regarding it, you have not complied with the law, and you are in violation of the FDCPA.

I am aware that your company has violated my rights under the FDCPA, and I am keeping very careful records of these violations. So far, I have undisputable proof of one violation and I am investigating further possible violations by your company. Please be advised that I will not hesitate to use this information against you in a court of law should these violations continue, nor will I hesitate in reporting your company’s violations to the FTC, the BBB, as well as any other appropriate authority.

Thank you,


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