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pulaski bank

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any here of this one 5.5% i called and asked what the minimum fico was and was told we don't respond to that question and i hung up i don't want inquiries on my report unless i get approved right now fico's are equifax 723,experian 665transunion 655, if i could find a bank that just used equifax i would be batting 1000. thanks if anyone can help

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Pulaski has a nasty habit of signing up people for this card and within a year, sell off nearly all of the accounts to a larger bank. Kinda like a "credit card" mill that churns out new originations (accounts) that once proved to be stable (Pay on time) are sold to the highest bidder, usually Bank One; which is now Chase.

Just to be sure, once Chase (or anyone else) buys the Pulaski account, the 5.5% vaporizes.


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