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Chase Bankcard Services 20 months later-duh!!!

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I did a debt validation series of letters (CM/RRR) 20 months ago on a Chase Bank credit card account. I never got any response whatsoever from them. They turned the debt over to a collection agency, whom I also did a validation letter series on. 5 months passed without any word form anyone and then I got a letter from a totally different collection agency for the same account. Again, the debt validation letter series went out, with no contact from them for 6 months. Now I get a letter from Chase asking for a copy of my driver's license in order to dispute the debt. Not a chance!! I returned their correspondence with a letter as follows:

On or about 23 July 2003, I served upon Chase Bank Notice of Billing Error, Notice Of Demand for Adequate Assurance of Due Performance, and Demand for Validaton of Debt.

Until this date, some 20 months after Chase being served by Certified Mail/Return Receipt Returned, Chase has failed to provide us written acknowledgement of our dispute notice pursuant to 15 USC 1666(a)(3)(A), or a written explanation report following a reasonable investigation, and/or production of documentation evidence, pursuant to 15 USC 1666 (a)(3)(B0(ii).

Furthermore, Chase Bank has used at least two (2) collection agencies, National Asset Management Enterprises, Inc. and Creditors Financial Group, in an attempt to collect this disputed debt without acknowledgement of said dispute or following proper protocol and procedures for dispute resolution as set forth in 15 USA 1692, a clear and obvious violation of the Fair Credit Billing Act and the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. Both companies were noticed of said dispute and an Affidavit of Validation of Debt was requested, without response from either company, as required by law.

You are further noticed that the failure of Chase Bank to comply with the dispute resolution procedures of the FCBA effectively:

a.) Relinquishes the right to collect any alleged debt on the account, 12 CFR 226.13(d)(1)

b.) Subjects the violators to potential liability for actual damages plus twice the amount of the finance charges, 15 USC 1640(a)(1)et(2); and

c.) Subjects violators to potential criminal liability for willful and knowing violation of the FCBA and other Truth in Lending provisions, 15USA 1611(1)et(3).

Furthermore, this Notice comfirms that your claim is disputed pursuant to 15 USSC 1692 et seq. and that you cease and desist collection activities..

Signed without prejudice,

I then got a letter from Chase offering to settle for about 70% of the debt, stating the account "has been written off, however you may wish to settle for this reduced amount to protect your credit rating"

Today, I got another letter from Chase saying that since we did not respond with a copy of my driver's license and social security card, Chase assumes the debt is no longer in dispute and further collections actions will be taken by their internal collections department.

Has anyone ever heard of such a thing and can you provide any advise as to how to respond. The letter that came today as well as the one requsting a copy of my driver's license were NOT sent Certified by Chase.

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Not the same problem as you. My wife BK'd in 2003. She disputed Chase account with CRA's. She received letter from Chase, they want her to sign to the fact that the account is fraudulent or sign that the account is her's. If she doesn't they will report the account as they have been. Me thinks Chase is playing games.

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There's nothing in the statutes that requires either your production of an SSN or a driver's license.

However, given that Chase is an original creditor, debt validation doesn't apply to them (that's for CAs).

Given that you're disputing under the FCBA, did you dispute within 60 days of the erroneous billing?

Personally, I'd take this one to the OCC if that's the case.

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