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Cap. One Late


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Hi all!

I have a 30 day late from Cap One. It is the only late on my report and quite honestly was due to either their site's mistake or a mistake I made when paying online. I have no other lates or negs of any kind - not because I had them bounced off, but because I really am never late. I have two cards with them for three years each and again, this is my only late.

I've read on this board that they do not respond well (or at all) to goodwill letters. So where does that leave me? Do I "CHOD" them?

Thanks for the help!


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I would probibly CHOD them and see what happens first. If they still verify it within the proper time frame it wouldn't hurt to send off a goodwill letter. The key with a goodwill letter is getting it in the hands of the right person. Never send a goodwill letter to the average customer service rep, you need to go higher up the chain if you want a chance at some sucess.

Good luck.............

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Cap One won't remove lates with a GW letter, they just won't, unfortunately. A client tried 20 phone calls and several GW letters, finally I wrote one for him to the exec and address below. They refused to remove the late, but did lower his interest rate from 26.74% variable to 12.9% fixed. He was happy, but the lates are there for the duration. (unless you can PROVE a Cap One error)

I wrote to:

Marge Connelly

Executive Vice President of Operations

Capital One

1680 Capital One Drive

McLean, VA 22102

He received a response from:

Amanda Mays

Executive Offices

Capital One Services, Inc.

PO Box 85699

Richmond, VA 23285-5699

Good luck!

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