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I have searched this forum and online and having difficulty finding a suitable definition for "stay".

After using the invaluable advice from these forums, I got Mann Bracken to file for an "indefinite stay". Then the NAF sent me a letter that the claimant had requested the case be stayed in accordance with Rule 9.D, and the Director granted the stay request.

Thanks everyone!!!!

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STAYING PROCEEDINGS - The suspension of an action.

Proceedings are stayed absolutely or conditionally.

They are peremptorily stayed when the plaintiff is wholly incapaci-tated from suing; as, for example, when the plaintiff is not the holder, nor beneficially interested in a bill on which he has brought his action or when the plaintiff admits in writing, that he has no cause of action or when an action is brought contrary to good faith.

Proceedings are sometimes stayed until some order of the court shall have been complied with; as, when the plaintiff resides in a foreign country, or in another estate, or is insolvent, and he has been ruled to give security for costs, the proceedings are stayed until such security shall be given or until the payment of costs in a former action.

i tried looking for rule 9.D, but i had no luck, what court is this?

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