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Can I Sue AGAIN??

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I sued a CA company for FDCPA & FCRA violations. Because I sued for over 5K my case was heard in Circuit Court (where the Rules of Evidence are more strict). As a result, I had troubles getting a credit report admitted as evidence and my case was dismissed. The debt in question went back to my landlord, they sued and rec'd a partial judgment. I disputed the CA tradeline off of Equifax about two months ago and it came off of my husband's (haven't checked mine). Today, I checked my husband's EQ report, and the CA pulled a hard inquiry on 10/14/04. Can they do this? If the debt went back to my landlord and is currently being paid, the CA has no more claims on the debt, correct? And if they've violated the FCRA, can I sue, although the last case (in May) was dismissed? Is this consider a new violation?

ps. Background Info: My wages are being garnished for this $1K debt. They didn't know my husband's employer, because it changed recently. Yesterday, my husband called me to say his wages were being garnished for this judgment. I'm guessing that the CA pulled a CR to find out his employer information. Is this allowed if the CA is no longer involved with the debt?

pps. The attorney that works for my landlord also was hired by the CA in my case against them, so I'm assuming that they pulled the CR on his behalf.


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