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I am soooo sick of this. I have been disputing up the wazoo on mine and my husband's stuff and I was so proud of myself, I had all this stuff removed.

And now I run our stuff from PG.... and nothing matches, old stuff is still there...My TRW report from Oct. 26 has diffrent stuff from the PG report dated Nov.8.

So do I have to start all over again disputing stuff?--

I have heard the term "split file" but I don't know what that is or if it applies to us

Please help>>

I feel like I have done all this for nothing...

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Yes go with what is placed on the hard copies that you got from the CRAs. You can also always request a free recent copy from them.

As noted before, PG could be pulling an old one.

In the event it is not (and I pray the mistake is with PG and not the CRAs) send them a re-insertion is a big No NO letter, a copy of their letter that was sent to you stating this was deleted and that was deleted. Make sure you high-light it and demand immediate deletion! Just so as to not give them a loop-hole, make sure you site that they cannot re-insert deleted items without informing you about it immediately, so they either delete or you will see them in court!! :D

Give PG, a day or 2 and re-pull, they may have corrected the mistake by then. :)

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