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I need reaging info with PrivacyGuard---Asset Accepta-nce

Josh Mcgrath

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I got my reports via privacyguard and it does not list "date of last acivity". It only has "Date Opened" and "Balance Date". Which is the one they "reage" to keep a tradeline longer?

The CA is Asset Acceptance and the OC is Providian.

This may be irrevalant, but, this is what the OC report has on all three:

EQ: Date opened: 08/2000 Balance date: 07/2004

TU: Date Opened: 08/2000 Balance date: 07/2002

EX: Date opened: 08/2000 Balance Date: 07/2002

Asset (CA) has a collection on all three with a balance date of 10/04 on TU, EX, and EQ. Date opened: 5/02 on TU and EX. Not listed on EQ.

Does this sound like reaging? Looks to me like they changed the balance date on the OC tradeline by 2 years. Im new to this reaging thing...

How do I find the DOLA on PrivacyGuard?

privacy guard sucks

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