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A little credit card levity

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Thought everyone would get a chuckle :)

So you have received a credit card application? You know what it says, but do know what it really means?

What it says: "You have demonstrated financial responsibility..."

What it means: You're breathing!

What it says: "Our membership is difficult to obtain..."

What it means: Death row prisoners are not eligible... in most states!

What it says: "Exceptional Customer Service..."

What it means: Except when you need it!

What it says: "You may direct us not to share this information with anyone else..."

What it means: Catch us, if you can!

What it says: "You've been pre-approved..."

What it means: We've already put a bad mark on your credit report.

What it says: “We have every confidence that ours will be a long-lasting relationship.”

What it means: We have killed every bankruptcy lawyer in your local area.

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