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Minimum Patelco score accepted to get started rebuilding ?

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I am currently in dispute with the big 3, waiting until Dec 7 for the results.

I know through looking at the threads that Patelco uses EXP to pull CR's

Does anyone know the minimum score one can have before opening a checking/savings acct with them? I had Fico pulled 3 wee :D:) ks ago .Exp score 450 BEFORE Disputes. Need to start rebuilding credit ASAP! Good Time frame for applying and when should i pull another FICO on all three?

Thanks Guys! :)

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Never applied for Patelco, but 450 is not high enough yet even for subprimes. Is this true FICO? You should check your scores from all three first to be sure. Maybe you have?

Don't feel bad though as my wife started out at 480 a year ago and I have her above 580 on all three and 620 on TU.

Work your disputes and try to get into the mid to upper 500's before applying for anything. Subprimes will begin to bite at this point and your on your way.

Another score booster for my wife was the AU (authorized user) angle. I put her on all of my cards as an AU and my good history showed up on her report. Boosted her score by 20 points. Anyone you know can put you on an account. However, make SURE the account has good history. They should pull their CR first to be sure. They don't even have to give you the card for you to benefit. Just make sure to pick someone you trust with good credit as if they screw up you get hit too......

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Patelco doesn't care so much about scores, but wants to see:

1) no current lates (in at least 6 months and probably a year);

2) no unpaid collections;

3) no unpaid chargeoffs;

4) no recent bankruptcy.

They do occasionally make exceptions to one of the four rules, but the typical scores I've seen approved were FICOs of 600+. I have seen some people approved in the 500s because they'd recently paid off an old baddie that tanked their score.

(not working for Patelco or anything, I just want credit from them too, so I have been paying attention)

Check the database here:


As far as prime cards go, you can probably get approved for a secured card with National City with your FICO. You have to ask for the application by phone, though.

My EX started at 483 three months ago and I'm now at 567 as of today, but I've been working very, very hard on the whole rebuilding thing. :)

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