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Need attorney who specializes in FDCPA and FCRA California

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I need attorney for Genesis Finacial Solutions for verifing to credit bureau five times the debt was mine.

Genesis verified with credit bureau the the debt was mine for over a year.

Genisis finally deleted with a intent to file a lawsuit if they did not delete and pay for damages. They only deleted.

Gensis has never admitted the debt is not mine.

Genesis after receiving request to validate verified again with credit bureau without letting the credit bureau know we were in dispute.

Genesis caused us to loss $3,000.00 deposit in escrow because they verified inaccurate information to credit bureau.

Genesis claims they sent us letter in 2002 that we did not respond to.

Genesis feels because of written communication in the last 4 month that they deleted account they owe us nothing and no violations

Have all update of them verifying it was our debt and information credit bureau was reporting was correct because we did not respond to a allege letter they sent out in 2002.

Need attorney have all evidence that they verified with bureau debt was ours. letters that we sent there assignees that debt was not ours. Assignee sent debt back told the better business bureau that they were sending request to validate debt to genesis in August but pulled credit report and refuse to delete inquiries.

Need Attorney feel we have a lot of damages because genesis never sent anything to us in 2002 as they claim we should have answered and that is why they continued to verify debt is ours 5 times to 3 credit bureau in 2003

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Genesis is based in Beaverton Oregon (I know this, because they're 2nd on the list of upcoming companies I'm suing on Chickie's behalf). You should look up the numbers of Robert Sola and Michael Baxter in Portland and see if maybe they won't handle it for you. They're two of the best, and they're just down the road from Genesis. You can have a suit filed in Genesis's "home turf" (and honestly it's probably better to sue up here anyways--we have very consumer-friendly judges)...chances are the thing will settle out, so you'd never need to make a court appearance.

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