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Mortgage company checking up on me...

Ravenous Wolf

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I have noticed that my mortgage company, The Principal Mortgage, has done numerous account reviews in the past year. Although my credit is spotless, my debt ratios and utilization suck big green donkey [EXPLETIVE DELETED].

And I have made a few late payments but every one of those late payments have been well within 30 days and I have included the late fee as well.

Is there anything for me to worry about?

Is there anything that could happen to my mortgage?

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The Principal Residential Mortgage has done an account review on my Trans Union credit report on the following dates:






I am just a bit worried on why they would constantly monitor my credit although my “lates” (that have never gone past 30 days) and my maxed out utilization may explain all of that.

I just wonder what Principal could do if they find my current credit unsatisfactory.

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