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Question about Hubbys bredit report from Trans Union


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I just got a copy of my hubby’s credit report from Trans Union via snail mail, and was wondering if someone here could help me with a few questions. This is what his report looks like for negatives:

MBNA America

Account closed by consumer

Updated: 12/2003

Opened: 11/2000

Paid Off: 3/2003

Most Owed: $4125

Status as of 12/2003: Charged off as bad debt

My comments/Questions: Why does it say paid off when it really isn’t? It doesn’t say anything about DOLA, so should I go by the ‘Updated Date’? I KNOW that wasn’t when a payment was last made. It was longer than that since we’ve made any payments to them.


Account closed by consumer

Updated: 11/2003

Opened: 1/2000

Paid Off: 11/2003

Most Owed: $2195

Status as of 11/2003: Charged off as bad debt

Household Bank

Account closed by credit grantor

Updated: 6/2003

Opened: 10/2000

Closed: 2/2002

Most Owed: $3157

Past Due: $394

Status as of 6/2003: Charged off as bad debt

My Comments: Closed date shows 2/2003, so wouldn’t this be the DOLA? If so, that’d be great, and I would only have three more months to ride on this before SOL is reached

Collection Record

Medical Data Systems Inc.

Collection Agency/Attorney

Placed for Collection

Updated: 10/2004

Placed: 10/2001

Status as of 10/2004: Collection Account

My Comments: This is a medical bill for my hubby. Isn’t the ‘Placed’ date now out of SOL

Collection Record

NCO Financial

Placed For Collection

NCOP Purchaser From Citibank

Updated: 10/2004

Placed: 7/2004

Status as of 10/2004 Collection Account

Past Due: $3242

Collection Record

Calvary Records

Calvary Portfolio Services

Placed For Collection

Updated: 9/2004

Placed: 11/2003

Past Due: $2131

Status as of 9/2004: Collection Account

Collection Agency/Attorney


My Comments: This is the one I received a summons from. I’ve already filed the paperwork at the courthouse claiming I did not have enough information to tell whether the bill is ours.

Collection Record

Franklin Collection Agency

Placed for Collection

Updated: 2/203

Placed: 12/2000

Balance: $60

Status as of 2/2003: Collection Account

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The ones that say 'paid off xx/xx/xx" is probably when the OC SOLD the account to some JDB or CA. If YOU made no payments that's likely what it means.

TransUnion doesn't show DOLA, so you have to call them and ASK for the DOLA and the date of first delinquency preceeding the charge-off.

"Closed date " is likely NOT the DOLA. DOLA refers to either a charge or a payment, not an action by the creditor.

"Placed" date is also irrelevent to SOL, when were the services provided and when was payment due ??

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