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I went onto myFICO and obtained my scores.

Not very good - but as newbie here - getting some good ideas to work on improvement


TU: 536

EX: 491

EQ: 565

I recently sent out letters using CHOD and also disputed items online with both EX & TU. EQ is behind the times - no online dispute process. Thought double whammy might make things go faster ::BigGun::

I need assistance though on deleting lots of personal info (address's & names on EX that are incorrect or no longer valid - any suggestions

You guys are great - so glad I found you :D

Also, I have some old medical bills showing as collections - back in 04/1999 and some in 08/02 - in CA the sol 2yrs oral 4yrs written/promissory/open - which catagory do these fall under?

Disputed with CRA's - CA came back verified and sent me letter asking me to call to make arrangements. Any suggestions? They added notation

"It is clear that your credit record is important to you." :evil: Jerks..... Should I make them DV?

Also, what if you don't respond to CA's when they send letter within 30 days to valid/deny debt? Are you forever barred from doing so?

Sorry....as newbie have lots of questions - trying to get clean for new home mortgage "fast"

All help appreciated

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Once you have submitted one dispute, don't do another until you have received the results back from the first dispute. When you do that it actually gives the Credit Bureau more time. they will consider the second dispute "additional Information" and it will start the 30 day time frame all over.

Equifax does do online disputes here is the link


I have never been successfull with Experian regarding addresses, hopefully someone will post that has been. Sorry.

The medical collections, probably written, so the one at least is past sol.

SEND DV right away. I have had some collection agencies that fell off my CR shortly after receiving a DV letter, others after receiving a violation letter. A few required a complaint filed with the Attorney General, but after that they went away.

Hope I helped! :D

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