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Got a judgement even though we had a payment agreement...


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I've searched but couldn't find anything close...

I received a summons 3 months back (before finding this board) and made payment arrangements with the CA. I've been making the payments on time but today I received a copy of a judgement by default. I called the CA and said I thought making the payment arrangements would hold off the judgement. They said that they couldn't stop the judgement but wouldn't act on it if I kept making my payments. They said they weren't going after my bank accounts or wages if I kept my payments up.

Was there something I should've done when I received the summons other than contact the CA? Is there something I should be doing now? Again, this was all before I found all the useful info here. If I knew then what I know now...

Even though she was friendly on the phone, I realize they aren't my friends and can't rely on what they tell me on the phone.

BTW, I'm in NYS

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Well, I didn't think I was "blowing off" the summons. On the summons it stated that I could answer with the court or contact the plaitiff (as I understood it). When I called, I told them that I wanted to make arrangements and asked what I could do to stop the judgement. So, we set up payments. I don't remember the specifics of the conversation but I don't think they said specifically the suit would be dropped, just that they weren't coming after me.

The summons is stated as below:

"By serving an answer* to the annexed complaint upon plaintiffs attorney, at the address stated blow, or if there is no attorney, upon plaintiff, at the address stated above within the time provided by law as noted below:

Upon your failure to answer, judgement will be taken against you for the relief demanded in the complaint, together with the cost of this action.

*You need not physically go to the court to serve an answer."

So, I took it that by contacting the attorney (CA) that the judgement would not be taken.

I guess I should have also answered the summons with the court?

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