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Help with affirmative defenses

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Hello all,

I've spent a couple of days pouring over this site and the web but haven't found a description of "affirmative defenses" and when and how to use them.

I'm being sued (by a CA) on behalf of a company that says they did work for me when they didn't. All they have as evidence are the bills they sent me (which I never recieved). I DV'd the CA and got the copy of the bills - sent the CA a letter saying it was completely bogus - next thing I know I'm being served with a summons and complaint.

So I know in general what the Answer looks like and I've read what all the affirmative defenses are in my state (WA) but I don't know what they mean! Do I just claim them all (there are over 20). One of them I believe applies - that's lack of standing since the CA is suing me and not the original company. They've been assigned the collection but don't own the debt so I don't think they can sue. But what are "unclean hands", equitable estoppel, laches,.....?

While I'm here I'll also ask this. I want to countersue them for bringing this lawsuit in the first place. Can someone tell me what/where in the "Answer" I should write?

Thanks for your time,


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